Mont Blanc 4810m Climbing (Tacul, Maudit, Mont Blanc)

We have decided to climb the Mont Blanc next week if the weather is fair enough. We are staying one week at Chamonix from August 6 to 11th.
The plan is to take the first Aiguille du Midi cable car around 6:30AM. After 20 minutes, it climbs more than 2700m and offers a unique overview.
Aiguille du Midi (3775m) -> Col du Midi (3532m) -> Epaule du Mont Blanc du Tacul (4120m) -> Col Maudit (4035) -> Col du mont Maudit (4345m) -> Col de la Brenva (4303m) -> Mur de la Côte (4485m) -> Mont Blanc (4810m)

When going down we will make a break at the Cosmique Refuge (3613m) for a night and then back through the Aiguille du Midi arête and back to Chamonix with the morning Cable Car.




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