Last day in Vegas

As all our friends have left vegas soon for the death Valley, we have decided to also ride a little in the city, that time we have rent 2 Harley Electra Glide
As usual I have taken pictures of them



Then as today is again a very hot day and as Mark has trained us how to spend money we have tried 4 different Casino, here is what we won after betting 50$ per casino

Not a lucky day so we have decided to take some good time at the Bellagio swimming pool


When sandy came to offer some drinks, very cool


Finally we have spent our last 100 box here


I have even taken a picture inside


As you have all understood this is just the scenario of my next trip. Today we have just walk 10 miles to find some fancy present to our loved wife’s, tomorrow we are back home.

If you want an end to this story, read it there.


Currently we are already at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport terminal 2, waiting for our late fly to Heathrow than Geneva


Picture of our last American meal, taken at the Pizza Hut


All what we hear about meal in the state is wrong we have always had good lunch

Places visited in Las Vegas


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