Los Angeles

After few movies, a good lunch and some naps

A small break to fill U.S. Department of Homeland Security form related to customs and border protection.

Landing at 1:00 all security check done, we are now at our first hotel in LA


Heathrow is a very huge airport, too many airplanes when we were trying to land so our plan was just flying around Heathrow



Landing at 8:15am, we were at bit stressed due to the plan strike at the security check. Both running in the airport but finally few people were waiting for the check

, so after less than 5 minutes passport checked, bag control ok. Next step in that huge Terminal 5 was to reach gate C54, running again in the steps, lift to minus 2, a quick transfer by tram and here we are.


Its 8:45 and our fly is planed for take off at 9:20. So we are please to say all that stress for almost no thing….

Geneva airport


Here we are, British airways is fair company, in case we miss our next fly at Heathrow, they have already booked two seats in the American Airline fly. Passport checked and good breakfast for only 20.90 CHF. Now we have to wait an hour before being able to board.